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  • If you are facing financial crises

  • If you need money to fulfill your dreams

  • If you want profit in your business

  • If you need money to fulfill your responsibility towards your family

  • If you are looking for a financial leap in your career


Then here is your ultimate solution

Highly powerful money affirmations empowered with wealth mantras will solve all your financial problems by attracting wealth, abundance and prosperity in your life !

You will start invoking the Law of Attraction to work for you!

When you religiously view the money affirmations along with listening to the chanting of mantras, then within 15 days you will see an appreciable positive difference in your financial status.

You can easily download the money affirmations video empowered with wealth mantras in .avi format for a one time payment of $4.99.

In fact, when you are paying for this video, it's your first step to reinforce your own belief in the Law of Attraction and power of Mantras.

Along with this video, you will also get the following 2 bonus eBooks worth $19.99 without any additional charge.



Topics Covered

1.Law of Attraction-What it is and what it is not?

2.Objective and Subjective thinking

3.Pivoting your thought process

4.The right mindset about money

5.Wealth Manifestation through LoA

6.Is a poor person who positively thinks about money, rich?

7.Why doesn't everyone who uses Law of Attraction become rich?

Topics Covered


1.Foundation of financial intelligence

2.Ways to achieve wealth

3.The most important rule in investing

4.How to get out of a financial mess?


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To your success, abundance and prosperity
Vikram Anand

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and your money will be refunded back.