CRM System


Our Easy CRM System, based on Google Sheets, is a versatile and user-friendly solution designed to streamline customer relationship management for businesses in India. Built on the familiar Google Sheets platform, it offers a seamless experience for managing contacts, interactions, and sales data. This cost-effective and accessible CRM solution caters to businesses of all sizes, providing a customizable and efficient way to enhance customer relationships.




 Integration with Google Sheets:

  - Leverage the familiarity and collaboration features of Google Sheets for easy data management.


 Cost-Effective Solution:

  - Enjoy a budget-friendly CRM solution without compromising on essential features.


 User-Friendly Interface:

  - Provide your team with a simple and intuitive interface, reducing the learning curve for CRM adoption.


 Customization Options:

  - Tailor the CRM system to match your business processes and specific requirements.


Different Types of Services Provided:

 Google Sheets CRM for Sales:

- Manage leads, track sales opportunities, and analyze sales performance of each employee.


Contact Management:

- Organize and store customer information, interactions, and communication history.


Activity Tracking:

- Streamline lead management and keep track of customer interactions and follow-ups by employee.


Customised MIS & Interactive Dashboard:

- Generate custom reports to analyze customer data and sales trends.


Steps/Process Involved:

  Needs Assessment:

  - Assess the specific CRM needs of your business, including sales processes and customer interactions.


 Platform Setup:

  - Set up the Google Sheets CRM platform, configuring fields and data structures according to your requirements.


 Data Import and Migration:

  - Import existing customer data into the CRM system, ensuring a smooth transition.


 User Training:

  - Train your team on using the Google Sheets CRM, highlighting key features and functionalities.



 - Active Google account for each user

- Access to Google Sheets

- Existing customer data for import (if applicable)



 - Customized Google Sheets CRM platform

- User training materials and sessions

- Documentation on system usage and best practices

- Ongoing support and updates



 1. Is Google Sheets CRM suitable for small businesses?

   - Yes, our Easy CRM System based on Google Sheets is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, including small enterprises.


2. Can I integrate this CRM system with other tools or software?

   - The current version primarily focuses on integration with Google Sheets. However, depending on your needs, we can explore additional integrations.


3. Is technical expertise required for setup and maintenance?

   - No extensive technical expertise is required. Our team assists with the initial setup, and the user-friendly interface makes ongoing maintenance straightforward.


4. How secure is customer data in Google Sheets CRM?

   - Google Sheets follows robust security protocols. We recommend maintaining access control and using secure practices for data handling.


5. Can I customize the CRM system to match our unique processes?

   - Yes, the CRM system is highly customizable. We work closely with your team to ensure it aligns with your specific business processes.


6. What kind of customer support is available after implementation?

   - We provide ongoing customer support, addressing any queries, issues, or additional training requirements that may arise.


7. Is data migration from our existing CRM system supported?

   - Yes, we assist with data migration from your existing CRM system to ensure a smooth transition.


8. Can I export reports generated in Google Sheets CRM?

   - Yes, reports generated in Google Sheets CRM can be easily exported in various formats for further analysis or sharing.


9. How often are system updates and improvements released?

   - We strive to provide regular updates and improvements to enhance the functionality and features of the Google Sheets CRM system.


10. Is training provided for new team members joining later?

- Yes, training materials and sessions are available for new team members, ensuring a consistent understanding of the CRM system across your organization.