Employee Attendance


Our Attendance & Payroll System, based on Google Sheets, is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify and automate HR processes for businesses in India. By leveraging the collaborative power of Google Sheets, we provide an efficient and user-friendly platform for tracking employee attendance and managing payroll seamlessly. This cloud-based system offers a cost-effective and accessible way to streamline HR operations.



  Integrated Attendance Tracking:

  - Seamlessly track and manage employee attendance within the familiar environment of Google Sheets.


 Automated Payroll Processing:

  - Streamline payroll processing with automated calculations, reducing manual errors and saving time.


 HRMS Capabilities:

  - Enjoy HRMS features, including employee data management, leave tracking, and performance evaluation.


 Cost-Effective Solution:

  - Benefit from a cost-effective solution that leverages the power of Google Sheets, eliminating the need for complex and expensive HR software.


Different Types of Services Provided:

 Google Sheets Attendance Tracking:

- Utilize Google Sheets as the primary platform for tracking and managing employee attendance.


Automated Payroll Calculation:

- Implement automated calculations for payroll processing, including deductions, taxes, and other components.


HRMS Integration:

- Integrate HRMS features such as employee information management and leave tracking within the Google Sheets platform.


Steps/Process Involved:

  Needs Assessment:

  - Conduct a thorough assessment of your HR needs, including attendance tracking and payroll management requirements.


 Google Sheets Configuration:

  - Set up and configure Google Sheets to serve as the central platform for attendance and payroll management.


 Employee Onboarding:

  - Onboard employee data onto the system, including attendance records and relevant payroll information.


 Training and Support:

  - Provide training sessions for HR personnel and employees on using the system effectively.



 - Active Google accounts for HR personnel and employees

- Clear attendance and leave policies defined by the organization

- Up-to-date employee information for onboarding

- Compliance with statutory regulations related to payroll



 - Configured Google Sheets platform for Attendance & Payroll System

- Documentation on system usage and best practices

- Training materials and sessions for HR personnel and employees

- Ongoing support and updates



 1. Can this system handle different types of leave policies?

   - Yes, the system is flexible and can be configured to accommodate various leave policies based on organizational needs.


2. Is it necessary to have a Google account for every employee?

   - Google accounts are required for HR personnel managing the system. Employees may not need individual accounts for basic functionalities.


3. How secure is employee data in the Google Sheets system?

   - Google Sheets follows strict security protocols. Access control measures can be implemented for added security.


4. Can I customize the payroll calculations based on our company policies?

   - Yes, the system is customizable, and payroll calculations can be adjusted to align with specific company policies.


5. What happens if there are discrepancies in attendance records?

   - Discrepancies can be addressed and corrected within the system. Regular audits and checks are recommended for accuracy.


6. Is there a limit to the number of employees the system can handle?

   - Google Sheets can handle a large number of entries. We can optimize the system based on the size of your organization.


7. Can the system generate various payroll reports?

   - Yes, the system includes reporting features that allow you to generate various payroll reports for analysis and compliance.


8. Is it possible to integrate this system with other HR software?

   - Integration capabilities depend on the specific requirements. We can explore options based on your needs.


9. What support is provided for statutory compliance in payroll processing?

   - We provide guidance on statutory compliance and ensure that the system aligns with relevant regulations.


10. Can employees access their attendance and payroll information through the system?

- Depending on the configuration, employees can access relevant information through designated portals within the system.