OPC Registration


One Person Company (OPC) registration in India is a streamlined process designed to facilitate single entrepreneurs in establishing their business entities. Our OPC registration service offers a hassle-free approach to navigate through the legalities and formalities of establishing a business.



 Expert Assistance:

Our team of experienced professionals provides expert guidance throughout the OPC registration process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.


Limited Liability:

One of the key advantages is the limited liability feature, shielding the personal assets of the business owner from the company's liabilities.


Tax Benefits:

OPCs enjoy certain tax benefits and exemptions, providing a favorable financial environment for entrepreneurs.


Single Ownership:

The structure allows for sole ownership, giving entrepreneurs full control over decision-making processes.


Different Types of Services Provided by Us:

 OPC Registration Process:

We handle the entire OPC registration process, from document preparation to filing, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.


Consultation Services:

Our experts offer personalized consultation services, addressing specific concerns and queries related to OPC registration.


Document Verification:

Thorough verification of documents is conducted to ensure accuracy and completeness, reducing the chances of errors.


Steps/Process Involved: 

Document Preparation:

Assistance in preparing all necessary documents, including KYC details and the Memorandum of Association (MOA).


Name Reservation:

We facilitate the process of reserving a unique and appropriate name for the OPC as per regulatory guidelines.


Filing and Approval:

Submission of documents to the concerned authorities and obtaining necessary approvals for OPC registration.



 - Valid identity and address proof of the owner.

- PAN card of the owner.

- Registered office address.



- Certificate of Incorporation.

- PAN and TAN of the company.

- Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.



 Q1: What are the eligibility criteria for OPC registration?

A1: Any individual who is an Indian citizen and resident can register an OPC.


Q2: Can an OPC be converted into a private limited company?

A2: Yes, an OPC can be converted into a private limited company as per the Companies Act.


Q3: Is physical presence required during the registration process?

A3: No, the entire registration process can be completed online, eliminating the need for physical presence.


Q4: What are the tax benefits associated with OPCs?

A4: OPCs enjoy certain tax exemptions and benefits, making it financially advantageous for entrepreneurs.


Q5: Can a foreign national register an OPC in India?

A5: No, only Indian citizens and residents are eligible to register an OPC in India.


Q6: How long does it take to complete the OPC registration process?

A6: The timeline varies, but on average, it takes around 15-20 days to complete the registration process.


Q7: Is it mandatory to have a physical office for OPC registration?

A7: Yes, a valid registered office address is a prerequisite for OPC registration.


Q8: Can an OPC have more than one director?

A8: No, an OPC can have only one director.


Q9: What is the minimum capital requirement for OPC registration?

A9: There is no minimum capital requirement for OPC registration.


Q10: Can an OPC be voluntarily closed or dissolved?

A10: Yes, an OPC can be voluntarily closed or dissolved by following the prescribed legal procedures.